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Alternative therapies for back pain are very effective and often recommended to be utilized to complement conventional medical back pain treatments. In fact, there are many effective alternative therapies for back pain that does not require any medication or surgeries.

When you first experience back pain, try self-diagnosis and self-help with these complementary and alternative therapies for back pain. You will not lose anything by trying them out if they can prevent you from having to take medications or undergoing surgeries. However after trying out and you are still in severe pain after 2-3 weeks, it is then time to seek professional help.

Home Remedies for Back Pain Back pain is a very common problem that afflicts many people around the world.  Back pain can even arise from simple chores such as carrying groceries, lifting a child or even just simply bending over to tie your shoelaces. But first, it will be good to understand some basics regarding […]

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Keim Preventive Exercises This simple yet effective 5-step back pain prevention exercises is developed by Dr Hugo Keim, a leading orthopedic surgeon in America.  He called it the Keim Preventive Exercises program.  His idea is to place your body through a series of repetitive physical activities and then keep increasing the repetitions throughout the months […]

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Back Stretches For Lower Back Most back pain sufferers who does not experience pain that radiates down to the back of the leg may be having a form of lumbar strain.  This can be either chronic with injury lasting for either months or even years or acute with short duration and sudden onset of pain. […]

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Back pain relief In most cases, back pain tends to occur rather slowly with early warning signs.  It is important to heed these warning signs which generally comes in the form of muscle aches or twitches that continues to be present for several days before the disabling back pain occurs.  Most people who are suffering […]

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