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Back pain is a very common problem affecting almost everybody at some point throughout their lives. Back pain can range from mild to chronic or even debilitating for severe cases. Understanding what is back pain and the common causes of back pain can help you understand your risk levels, how to go about preventing back pain or how to cure and treat your back pain if it already occurs. Learn to watch out for the signs and symptoms of an impending back pain and prevent it at its early stage.

Most people experience at least one bout of back pain during their lives, but for some, back pain becomes a chronic condition. Studies have shown that most back pain goes away within a few weeks regardless of the treatment provided. However, there are things that can be done to alleviate back pain in the interim.You […]

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Causes of lower back pain So why does your back hurt? There are many things in life that can go wrong resulting in back problems and ultimately back pain. Our spine is rather complex consisting of bones, ligaments, muscles, discs and tendons and so long as any one of these structures encounter problems, back pain […]

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